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“I'm thankful for the elders of this church.”

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As you probably know if you visit this page very much, we have been re-constructing our website in recent weeks. We're updating content, adding new features, and just making some general improvements. I thought one of these updates was worth sharing.

For our "Leadership" page, I asked each of our shepherds what they love about the Eastland church, and I just wanted to re-share what they had to say. I was very moved by the beauty and sincerity of their thoughts, and it made me that much more thankful for the men who shepherd this flock.

When asked what he loves about the Eastland church, brother Reggie Robarts said, "I cherish the golden cord of love that binds us together in a fellowship with each other and with God.  As a family when one suffers we are quick to respond, and when one has cause of rejoicing we share in their rejoicing. We share a mutual respect for God and the authority of His Word.  May it ever be so."

When asked what he loves about the Eastland church, brother Jim Broderson said, "Eastland is blessed with an abundance of young energetic members which bodes well for the future of any congregation.  Our members are a generally friendly and cheerful group who worship and work together in an atmosphere of peace and unity.  I find the preaching and teaching to be engaging and stimulating; challenging you to think and react in ways that evoke changes that build character and promote spiritual growth and Christian service.  I love that."

I'm personally so thankful for both of these men and their servants' attitudes toward serving & leading God's people.

- Dan Lankford, evangelist