About Us

We are a church of Christ.

We are saved by Christ. We belong to Christ. We follow Christ. We value Christ above all.

We are a church of God.

We believe God the Father is real, powerful, holy, and loving. We belong to Him, we love Him, and we want to please Him.

We are a church of the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is from the Holy Spirit, and we believe the Spirit lives in us & transforms us.

We are saints.

Saved by grace, through faith, our sins washed away in baptism… we are God’s saved ones, and we try to live like saints every day.

We are a family.

We love each other. We work for harmony. We are first and foremost, Christians—people who live in Christ. And that makes unity possible.

We are independent.

We are independent of any denominations. We belong solely to Jesus and are part of his universal church. Our elders are the only overseers of our church.

We are teaching.

We know there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. We want to help you do both! Come to a service or send us a message. We’ll be glad to study the Bible with you.

We teach the Bible.
We believe the Bible is relevant, so our classes and sermons focus on God's words in the Bible. We do our best to follow it as completely as possible.

We are the church of Jesus Christ.