Ministers (sometimes called evangelists or preachers) are men who have dedicated their lives to preaching the Word of God and sharing it with the saved and lost alike. They do this through sermons, classes, and other various teaching opportunities. Eastland has one dedicated minister currently, and we also help support many other evangelists around the world in their efforts.

Scott BeyerScott Beyer

Scott has been working full-time as an evangelist since 2000 and has spent the last twenty years of his life dedicated to sharing the gospel. Scott was led to Christ based upon the simple teachings of the New Testament and that the pattern seen in the early Christians could be duplicated today. Scott’s secular background is in zoology and biology having studied and conducted research with the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, WA before beginning preaching. Scott and his wife, Jenna, married in 1999 and have seven children. Adoption is near and dear to their family’s heart. According to the Scriptures – we are all adopted in Christ!

When asked about being a Christian, this is what Scott said, "Being baptized into Christ was the best decision of my life. Once I saw the teachings of the Scriptures, how simple the Bible pattern is, and God’s plan – I knew that is the message I needed, and wanted everyone else to hear, too. Eastland is a wonderful congregation dedicated to following the Bible. You can see it in how the members treat each other and how they live for Christ. We are so happy to be a part of the Eastland family."