Distanced Seating

Distanced Seating

Only Visitors and Members requesting strict social distancing for the Sunday Worship Service need to reserve seats.  If you require strict social distancing please make your reservation by 6 PM Friday.  Please see the Elders most recent annoucement below about mask optional and self seating.




Enter the name of the family, number of seats, and an email address to receive a confirmation.  You may specify the number of Fellowship Cups you require for Communion after the name.  See an example immediately below.



Most recent Elders' announcement, Sunday May 30th, 2021

(mask optional and self seating)

We wish to communicate a brief reminder – as well as some additional information – about the adjustments to our seating arrangements moving forward.  We thank you all for your continued patience and understanding through these periods of adjustment.

Beginning this Wednesday, June 2nd (2021), all activity in the building before, during and after the class period or worship assembly will be mask-optional without reference to one’s vaccination or antibody status.  For any members and visitors who still wish to wear a mask, please do.  But for our other members and guests, the mask will not be required.

For the adult Bible class on Wednesdays, self-seating throughout the auditorium will continue to occur. 

For our Sunday morning worship assembly, starting June 6th (2021), we will be mask-optional in ALL sections of the auditorium during the worship service.  If we have some members and visitors who are concerned about the potential amount of unmasked persons in the auditorium, we will have the large classroom available for a smaller setting that would reduce the amount of such exposure.  Those with this concern would need to pre-register by Friday at 6pm each week and indicate your preference to be assigned to the large classroom.  

While it will be mask-optional throughout, the auditorium will have two designated seating areas.

Most of the auditorium (the blue sections) will be self-seating first-come, first-served. This eliminates any previous designation of a Green section vs. a Yellow section.  No pews are skipped in these areas. 

However, toward the back in a couple sections, for a time there will remain some Orange pews (as indicated in this powerpoint depiction) reserved for those needing certain seating locations and those desiring some spacing between households.  If you need such spacing, weekly pre-registration by Friday at 6pm will be needed so we can plan assignments of these seats which, depending on the number of households seeking them, may necessitate a rotation of when you are in the auditorium and when you will be assigned a seat in the large classroom.

This announcement and powerpoint will be sent by email to all members later today.  For all who will plan to sit in a blue pew, no reply nor pre-registration will be needed.  For all who either…

  1. Need to pre-register weekly to be assigned seating in the orange section of the auditorium, as space allows OR
  2. Need to pre-register weekly and indicate wanting to be assigned seating in the large classroom, OR
  3. Need to remain home and use our live stream in the coming weeks,

… please reply to the email or call or text John Norris to let us know a, b or c for your situation.

Again, we thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  We ask for that to continue as we get used to this new adjustment.  May we continue to strive for unity together.

We love you all,

The elders