Guest Speaker Series

March 8-11, 2020

This spring, we will welcome brother David Eakin to our pulpit for a four-day series of lectures on the intersection of faith and science regarding the origins of the world.

EVOLUTION VS. CREATION: Is There A Middle Ground?

The messages:

Sun@9:30aIntroduction to the Origins Debate
Sun@10:40aIs Natural Selection Evolution?
Sun@5:00pWhy Do I Look Like That Ape?
Mon@7:00pWhat About The Fossil Record?
Tue@7:00pWhy Am I Not A Theistic Evolutionist?
Wed@7:00pHow Old Is The Earth?


Brother Eakin preaches in Frankfort, KY and he has been a professor of biological sciences at Eastern Kentucky University for many years. His work in preaching on apologetics and creationism are well-known and well-respected in our area. He is also a father, father-in-law, and grandfather to some of our church members!
We are looking forward to learning from brother David for this four-day event. Make your plans to join us, especially if you have any questions about the intersection of faith and science.