Our church vision for 2020, Listen to Him, comes from the story of Jesus' transfiguration. In that story, Jesus is seen for the divine being that he truly is, and the voice of God speaks from Heaven to say, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him."

This simple instruction from God's own voice is our preaching theme for this year because it touches every part of our lives. Do we want to know the truth about God? Listen to Jesus. Do we want to know the truth about human relationships? Listen to Jesus. Do we want to know the truth about money and business? Listen to Jesus. Do we want to know about ethics and human equality and salvation and joy and sin and righteousness? Then we will listen to Him.

Through the year, we'll have several sermons in this theme, and our VBS will go right alongside the theme as we will talk about stories that involve The Voice of God.




Mark your calendar for these special events scheduled in 2020, if the Lord wills:

January 26Elders' annual vision presentation
February 10Yearly Bible reading program begins
March 8-11Guest Speaker Series with David Eakin of Frankfort, KY
June 21-26VBS 2020  (guest lecturer Jeremy Bard of Indianapolis, IN)
September 12Ladies' Day Bible Study
October 11-14Guest Speaker Series with Chuck Durham of Springdale, AR


Click any of the links for more information, and we appreciate your prayers for God's blessings on each of these efforts.