Bible Bites

Bible Bites


“My heart is steadfast, O God; my heart is steadfast…” (Ps 57:7)

Consistency is undervalued amongst Christian virtues.  And yet, a steadfast consistency is perhaps the single greatest indicator of whether or not someone will thrive in the kingdom.  A person who shows up every time can learn and be taught – but an empty pew never learns anything.  Consistency guarantees growth.

Steadfast consistency isn’t flashy.  In fact, consistency can be downright boring because it doesn’t change – it follows the same routine, makes the same choices, and keeps the same priorities every time. 

Inconsistency is different every day… a lukewarm faith has variety but in all the wrong ways.  You never know which person will show up.  Will it be the prayerful person or the anxious worrier?  Will the patient spirit arrive on scene or the spirit of anger?  Today, will I choose God, or will the devil devour me?  Inconsistency makes each day a surprise, and that isn’t good.  Like a broken tooth, an inconsistent faith can’t be trusted.

It is the boring consistency of morning prayers, daily Bible reading, consistent attendance, and a life of daily good works that changes you from the inside out.  Nothing fancy, no secret sauce… just small choices that make habits which make a life of growth and service.

It also bears mentioning that we love consistency in others around us.  We associate consistency with loyalty and character.  A consistent spouse is a blessing from God – they are trustworthy, faithful, and dependable.  We love seeing our children when they consistently make good choices – it breaks our hearts when they don’t.

We look at older Christians as pillars of the faith when they are consistent.  A pillar is only useful because it doesn’t move.  The steadfast pillars of the faith are the members who make up the backbone of a congregation.  They can be relied on to do the right thing, shoulder the load, and be relied upon in season and out.  They aren’t fickle, and we love them for it.

Want to make an impact?  Be boring. Be consistent. Be steadfast.