Visions of Jesus in Revelation

Visions of Jesus in Revelation

Jordan Shouse

April 10-13, 2021

We are excited to welcome Ralph Walker from Tampa, FL to speak with us in April. Ralph is a friend of the family here at Eastland with a long and joyous history of fellowship and camraderie.

It will be a blessing to have him unveil the mysteries of Revelation and give us a clearer view of Jesus throughout the Revelation.



Sunday @ 9:30am
Jesus the Glorified Lord: Revelation 1

Sunday @ 10:30am
Jesus the Worthy Lamb: Revelation 4

Monday @ 7:00pm
Jesus the Might Angel: Revelation 10

Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Jesus the Lord of Harves: Revelation 14

Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Jesus the Victorious General: Revelation 19