Questions From Jesus

Questions From Jesus

Jordan banning

April 23-26, 2023

We are excited to welcome Jonathan Banning from Temple Terrace, FL to speak with us in April. Jonathan is a vibrant, kind, and insightful speaker with a heart for Jesus.

He is going to speak to us about the questions Jesus asked and what our answers should be to those questions.



Sunday @ 9:30am
What Will a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul?: Matthew 16:26

Sunday @ 10:30am
What More Are You Doing Than Others?: Matthew 5:47

Monday @ 7:00pm
He Does Not Thank the Slave... Does He?: Luke 17:9

Tuesday @ 7:00pm
What Do You Want Me to Do for You?: Mark 10:36

Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Do You See This Woman?: Luke 7:44