Bible Bites

Bible Bites

Count the Towers

“Walk about Zion and go around her; count her towers; consider her ramparts; go through her palaces, that you may tell it to the next generation.” (Psalm 48:12-13)

In this psalm, the sons of Korah encouraged God’s people to wander the streets of Jerusalem and consider its beauty and grandeur.  Look at how tall her towers are and how impressively fortified she is and remember that God had made her a jewel in the East – a beautiful city set on a hill.

Israel was supposed to be grateful for their success and prosperity, and they were to count those blessings, not just for themselves, but so they could “tell it to the next generation.”  We cannot teach our children to be grateful until we are.  They will only count the blessings of their era if they see us count ours.  We either leave them with a heritage of thanksgiving or one of victimhood and grumbling.

Gratitude is a contagious habit.  Grateful people make those around them grateful, too.  A common theme amongst habitually grateful people is they are searching for things to be thankful for.  Gratitude is active – it doesn’t wait for the good to be forced into your view.  You hunt for good even in the darkest corners.

The loss of a loved one reminded one sister of all those who loved her and rallied around her during her grief.  It also created an opportunity to reminisce about precious memories long forgotten.

A job furlough provided needed time for one brother to be involved with his children in a way he wasn’t able to be when he was putting in so many hours.

A medical emergency led another sister to a habit of writing cards and calling people when her health forced her to be bedridden and homebound for a season.

It’s all in how you see it.

We cannot give thanks for what we do not pause to count, and we cannot count what we do not choose to see.  So, stop and smell the roses, count the beautiful towers of your life that rise out of the ashes of trial, and give thanks so that you may tell the next generation.

Thankful hearts glorify God.