Bible Bites

Bible Bites

Embrace the King

“But his citizens hated him and sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We do not want this man to reign over us.’ ” (Luke 19:14)

Jesus spoke these words while in the city of Jericho.  The idea of a delegation being sent to receive a kingdom would have made perfect sense to the people of that city.  Herod and Archelaus had done that very thing.  Archelaus had journeyed across a great distance to speak with Caesar and came back with the authority to rule over Jericho, and the citizens had sent a delegation to appeal to Caesar because they hated Archelaus.  The end result?  Archelaus ruled anyways.

Jesus may be hated by many, and mankind may despise His authority and their responsibility to submit to it, but that doesn’t change anything.  Jesus has been crowned King of kings and Lord of lords.  We cannot expect our feelings about the matter to change the reality of His reign.

Embrace the King or despise Him – He is King nonetheless.

Matthew 4:4 #Biblebites