Bible Bites

Bible Bites

What if the Sermon is for Me?

“… for they understood that He spoke this parable against them.” (Luke 20:19)

As Jesus neared His crucifixion hour, His teaching became more and more pointed.  The parables became less veiled, and even the chief priests and scribes recognized that He was speaking against them.  They felt their power slipping, and they feared Jesus’ influence upon the crowds. 

In their struggle to control and remain in power, they forgot to ask a crucial question: what if Jesus is right?  There are times God’s word IS spoken against us.  It is intended to convict, to bring mourning and grief, and to foster repentance.  Sometimes, the sermon is meant for you and not the other guy in the pew.  When the Word convicts – what do you do next?  Do you plot, rationalize, and sabotage?  Or do you submit to the King?

The text is for you, not just your neighbor.

Matthew 4:4 #Biblebites