Bible Bites

Bible Bites

The Glory of Repentance

“…and they did not repent so as to give Him glory.” (Revelation 16:9b)

            One of the hardest aspects of repentance is the relinquishment of self-governance.  It is easy to change our behavior as long as we still feel like we are in control, but repentance requires both a change of action and a change of mind.  The repentant sinner recognizes and glorifies God while accepting his/her own humiliation.  We are unworthy of governing ourselves.  We require a Master and Commander.  We need a King to tell us what to do and how to do it.  The fruits of our self-governed lives have been failure.

            Repentance gives Him the glory and recognizes our own shame.

Matthew 4:4 #Biblebites